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Presenting a world class workshop specializing in creating bespoke stone metal and wood artifacts for your interior designs

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Frozen Music is a dream factory, where the most exquisite ideas, inspirations and designs for the decorative arts are made real. Our clients, whether for a super yacht, a multi-national HQ, a luxury hotel, a chic retreat, or simply a special gift for an anniversary, come from that rare group of people who make their dreams come true.

For we are a company of fine craftsmen, all specialists in the fashioning of noble materials. Each man here has served a long apprenticeship in his own discipline. Each has mastered the skills and techniques used in the past to make the heirlooms of today. Today they apply these skills to make heirlooms for tomorrow.

Whether working on commissions, creating new designs or recreating old pieces, our craftsmen’s work is as fine, we believe, as any produced in the past.

Long experience, too, with some of the world’s leading and most demanding designers, has honed our business to respond creatively, efficiently, and discreetly through all the stages of a project, from conception to installation, whatever the size.

Like many beautiful things, Frozen Music started as a love affair and as a dream.

A young man, with an eye for beauty and finesse honed through years working in luxury hotels, fell in love - as many before - with the lapidary arts.

This became his dream: to create objects in stone as beautiful to the eyes as music is to the ears… as though the beauty of music had been frozen in time and space. In 1987, along with his elder brother, this became their business; they called it Frozen Music.

Since then, with the continued support and guidance of our patrons, we have established ourselves as one of the world’s leading creators of high quality, custom-made stonework.

We have achieved the timeless elegance of our masterpieces through a harmonious combination of traditionally skilled craftsmen, modern machinery and state of the art production techniques.

table tops
inlaid fruniture
relief panels
swimming pools
jali screens
ornamental boxes
architectural ornaments


Frozen Music is a company of complimentary disciplines and skills, all of which are employed extensively at the bespoke end of interior and architectural design and ornamentation.


Using rare and hard precious and semi precious stones each tesserae is hand cut before being assembled according to detailed plans. Enormous skill is required to create plays of light, tonal difference and different levels of realism.

Mosaics and its smaller cousins, Micro-mosaics can be used in various Mosaic Tile Wall Art and Mosaic Wall Art Decor for floors, walls, furniture, bathroom elements, swimming pools... Imagination and desire are the only constraints.


Wood is a perfect companion to stone and metal but its lively beauty and infinite uses have left many species endangered and wrought havoc on our ecology.

Frozen Music uses only the finest seasoned hardwoods from sustainable managed forests. Our master carvers create intricate architectural and decorative elements, furniture, Antique Carved Wood Panels, Wooden Wall Decor Panels, and Carved Wood Wall Art Decor knowing that their beauty can be enjoyed responsibly.


An Alchemist’s dream where Silver, German Silver, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Bronze and rare alloys are first sculpted or cast and then beaten, hammered, shaped, turned and polished to form the most exquisite and bespoke handcrafted pieces.

Doors, gates, screens, and urns are of course classics, but fine set stones including creative blends with wood and glass give a unique touch to everything from door handles to dining tables.


Whether figurative, devotional or abstract from Luxury Sculpture Art, Luxury Metal Sculpture, Luxury Copper Sculpture, Abstract Contemporary Outdoor Sculptures, Semi Precious Stone Sculptures & Statues.

We have master sculptors to reproduce masterpieces of the past or create those for the future.

Working in the finest marbles, alabasters, onyxes or semi precious stones, each block of raw stone is first meticulously chosen for its unique qualities and purpose before being carved by hand into a new life and form.


A fundamental element of Indian architecture; perhaps its finest contribution to the world.

A piece of stone with only the boundaries of the mind; a play of light, elegance and discretion.

Whether contemporary, classical, Custom Marble Lattice Jali or Sandstone Lattice Jali each piece is designed and carved entirely by hand in our workshop.


Born in Italy, and since centuries also one of India’s most celebrated arts, the inlay of stone with precious and semi-precious stones is a timeless tradition with myriad applications in today’s design world.

Choosing from a bewildering collection of stone collected over the decades, our artists blend nuances of colour and form unique outside the hallowed Oppificio del Pietre Dure Inlay in Florence.


In contrast to inlay, or ‘pietre dure’, overlay is the application of different materials onto an existing medium. For example here, hand cut mother of pearl is fixed to a specially prepared wire mesh and wood frame.

It is used extensively as a technique to create unique floorings, wall cladding, surfaces for bathrooms or kitchens, and for furniture.

Additionally, overlays can be textured or carved into fine bas-reliefs.

raw materials

Over two decades Frozen Music has amassed huge collections of rare precious, semi-precious and decorative stones.

The finest lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, exquisite agates from Brazil, vibrant malachites from the Congo, perfect crystals from Madagascar, rich jaspers from Central India...

Some of these collections boast unusually large and rare examples of their kind, allowing us to offer the fabrication of truly exceptional pieces.


Although much of Frozen Music’s expertise is in artisanal skills, we also have the facilities and equipment to deal with technical projects of virtually any scale.

So whether it is the creation of a pair of life size marble bulls for a restaurant, an entire swimming pool in micro mosaic or giant screens for a museum, Frozen Music can handle the logistics necessary to bring a project to its most perfect fruition.


At Frozen Music not only do we provide manufacturing services but with our in- house designers and consultants we can also develop your project from your first ideas and dreams.

Our experience and an extensive reference library enable us to offer you the widest possible choice of solution, whether it is a Luxury Interior Designs, an interpretation of an existing work, or something totally new.


02 August, 2018


Universally known as the land of great history and heritage, India cradles beautiful architecture and art. From cave paintings to elegant sculptures, art and crafts have always been an expression of our culture. While many of the art forms or techniques come from a foreign origin, we proudly commemorate developing such art forms into our aesthetics. We have fondly nurtured the essence of our culture and evolved beautifully, in terms of art and architecture. Even today, we create and customize aspects of our ancient art which ...
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10 May, 2016

Our Inspiration

Vrindavana the birthplace of Lord Krishna, also is a major example of stone architecture spanning many centuries and dynasties. We dedicate our new logo to this holy town from we got the inspiration from a carved doorway and are very proud to launch it today, also it will be the major feature of our new website, we hope to show it enough so that it becomes synonymous with frozen music. ...
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10 May, 2016

Our Workshop

Welcome to Frozen ?Music
We wanted to present our workshop as a state of art manufacturing base to all designers of this world and with the kind of various disciplines we have taken on in this workshop, it was a very challenging project to present everything in this short space and format. There was temptation to show photographs and list our clients, but we decided only to show our capabilities and leave the rest to the imagination of our viewers, we wanted to leave it to them to discover if we are what they are looking for. ...
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10 April, 2016

Welcome to the New Website

Frozen Music Workshop
With consultations with Mr. Anurag Gitai, leading IT professional from Jaipur, it was decided to revamp our website, with long discussions and plans we decided to design and plan this website in-house and Mr. Gitai graciously agreed to take care of all the technical aspects of this. By the time you read this blog this website would be on-line and would very much appreciate your comments on this effort. Photography was taken care of single handed Parth Seth as well as layout of this website, Mr. Gitai spend hours with us to understand his viewpoint. ...
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Inlaid White Marble Water Cascade Bronze Fountain
Red Jasper Inlay On Teak Wood Inlay Work On Onyx Fountain Sandstone Foot Scrub
Hard Stone Cutlery Dolphin Wall Sconce
Rock Crystal Skull Mother of Pearl Wall Light

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